Hitachi KH70 - Zwagerman VMT

The Hitachi KH70 was the smallest crane in the KH-series and has a maximum lifting capacity of 22.5 tonnes. I could take some photos of this crane of Zwagerman VMT on their yard in Nederhorst den Berg (NL).

The crane is powered by a HINO DS 50A, a 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 95 kW (127 hp).

The cabin of this crane isn't original anymore, the wide cabin comes from another Hitachi from the KH-3-series, while the KH70 was only availbale within the KH-2-series. The original cabin has the same width of the superstructure.

The undercarriage has a 3.15 meter width and a 4.245 meter length. The tracks aren't adjustble in breadth.

The counterweight weights 6.25 tonnes and has a 3.26 meter tailswing. Remarkable is the opening in the counterweight to supply air to cool the engine.

The small A-frame should be folded down for the transport over the road. The height of the crane is then only 2.86 meters.

Here was the crane fitted with the shortest main boom of only 10 meters, in this configuration is the crane able to lift the 22.5 tonnes on a 3 meter radius and 4.65 tonnes on a 9 meter radius. The boom can be extended in 3-meter steps to a maximum length of 31 meters. Optionally was it also possible the erect the crane with a 28 meter main boom in combination with a 9 meter fixed jib.

A nice little crane, some of them are still working in the Netherlands!

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