Hitachi KH180-3 - Crane Business

Crane Business from Moerdijk (NL) was offering this Hitachi KH180-3 crawler crane, it is a used crane from A. Hak Leidingbouw from Geldermalsen (NL).

It is a 50 tonne crawler crane. The undercarriage is 4.3 meters wide and can be retrackted hydraulically to a 3.3 meter breadth for the transport over the road.

The crane is powered by a HINO EM100 water cooled 6 cylinder diesel engine with 150 hp. The engine powers four hydraulic pumps, with them are the crane functions operated. The diesel tank has a volume of 250 liters.

The crane is equiped with two hoist winches, each with a 20 mm diameter hoist cable (line pull 11 tonnes). To adjust the boom is a 16 mm cable used. Below the boom foot is the attachment for the fairlead vissible.

The counterweight exists out of two parts of 7.5 and 8.4 tonnes, in total 15.9 tonnes. The counterweight has a 4.05 meter tailswing.

The gantry has a height of 5.26 meters and can be folded down for the transport over the road.

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