Gottwald AMK 51-32

A Gottwald AMK 51-32 that before was working at the Deutsche Steinkohle AG is now private owned and is still used for some smaller jobs.

It is a 40 tonne crane with year of manufacture 1986. Packed has this crane a length of 11.6 meters.

During transport over the road is the boom pointing backwards.

Typical Gottwald (and lateron also by Krupp) are the two cabs mounted behind each other. The cab here in the front is for driving over the road, the rear one is for operating the crane.

The engine is a Daimler-Benz OM 422, an 8 cylinder dieselengine with 278 hp. The automatic transmission has 5 gears forwards and one reverse. A speed of 71 km/h can be reached by driving over the road. With the engine are also the hydraulic pumps for the crane functions driven.

The outrigger base of the crane measures 6.9 x 6.5 meters. The crane was erected here for an inspection.

The crane is 2.75 meters wide and has a height of 3.2 meters. The counterweight stays on the upperstructure during transport over the road. The crane has a mass of 36 tonnes.

A view in the crane cabin, from here is it also possible to move crane on the construction site.

All axles of the crane are driven. On the rear of the crane is additional counterweight mounted, for extra stability when the crane is driving with load.

The hydraulic hoist winch has a maximum velocity of 110 m/min. The hoist cable has a line pull of 4.6 tonnes.

The main boom has a 33 meter length, three of the four sections can be telescoped under load. The boom can be extended with a 7 meter folding jib. The boom is extended here 21 meters.

A very beautiful and classic crane!

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