Gottwald AMK 31-21

This Gottwald AMK 31-21 is used by a carpenter company from South-Germany. The crane is used here by the construction of a large wood construction along the highway A7 near Illertissen (DE). It is a 20-tonne crane on a 2-axle undercarriage.

The crane is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM 352 LA, a 6-cylinder diesel engine with 168 hp. Both axles are driven and steerable. The maximum driving speed on the road is 80 km/h.

The outrigger base measures 5.7 x 5.0 meters.

Packed is the crane 9.5 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and the height is 2.96 meters. The crane has a transport mass of 16 tonnes.

The crane has 1.5 tonnes of counterweight.

The crane has a double cabin on the superstructure, the driver's cabin in main drive direction and operator cabin in boom direction. The hoist winch has a capacity of 26.6 kN. This crane can also be operated by remote control.

The main boom has a 7 meter base length and a maximum boom length of 20.5 meters. Below the base section is the 3.8 meter long fly jib attached.

The last boom section is manually pinned to the lower boom section. The colours of the previous user can be recognized on the boom parts, the green belongs to the German army.

The crane was used here to erect a wood construction for a new restaurant along the highway.

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