Fuwa QUY90C - Crane Business

This Fuwa QUY90C was some years ago offered by Crane Business from Moerdijk (NL). Together with the QUY90C of Zwagerman VMT, are those the only cranes of this type in the Netherlands. What happened with the crane after Crane Business got bankrupt, is not known.

The undercarriage is 5.06 meters wide in working position and 3.37 meters widt for the transport over the road. The driving speed is maximum 1.4 km/h.

The crane is powered by a Cummins QSL-9, a water-cooled 8.9 liter diesel engine with a power of 209 kW.

The outriggers on the undercarriage are used to unload the tracks to adjust them in width. The tracks can also be removed and have a mass of 11 tonnes each. A central ballast with in total 4 tonnes is missing here.

The crane is equipped with two 13 tonne hoist winches with 26 mm hoist cable. If the crane is used with luffing jib one of the hoist winches is used to adjust the luffing jib.

The counterweight weights 26.2 tonnes and has a 4.8 meter tailswing.

The crane was fitted here with a 30 meter luffing jib. The minimum jib length is 21 meters and the maximum length is 39 meters. In this configuration lifts the crane maximum 12.9 tonnes on a 16 meter radius and 4 tonnes on a 40 meter radius.

If the crane is erected with main boom only the base length is 13 meters and the maximum length is 61 meters. With a luffing jib is the crane to be erected with a minimum main boom length of 25.8 meters and a maximum boom length of 43.8 meters.

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