Lifting a boat by Verschoor

Since many years is Verschoor from Sassenheim (NL) taking care of all the lifting jobs which are related to the Hiswa show in the RAI in Amsterdam (NL). Many boats and yachts need to be positioned on the booths. For the show in 2012 was a large yacht shown on the outside area in front of the building.

The used equipment are a Grove GMK4100L and a FAUN ATF 65G-4. The yacht is transported by Van de Wetering from Loosdrecht (NL) by a 4-axle Volvo with 3-axle low loader.

The Grove is erected with 12.9 tonnes of counterweight, the outrigger base measures 8.3 x 7 meters. The FAUN is fitted with the fully counterweight of 15 tonnes. The outrigger base of the FAUN measures 7.8 x 6.4 meters.

The yacht weights around 38 tonnes and is, after the low loader has driven away, installed on supports.

The main boom of the Grove is extended here 24.26 meters, the FAUN is working with a 22.5 meter main boom.

Again a nice job done by Verschoor!

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