Lifting of a yacht by HEBO

On a fresh afternoon in November are in Enkhuizen (NL) preparations made for a heavy lift and a large transport of a yacht. The lifting will be done by HEBO Maritiemservice from Zwartsluis (NL) and Mammoet from Schiedam (NL) will do the transport over land.

For the transport over land, in total 24 Scheuerle SPMT axles will be used which are configured to a double 12-liner. Between the two 6-axle modules are spacers installed.

For the lifting is HEBO responsible, they will deploy their 200-tonne HEBO-Lift 6, here in the front, and their...

... 300-tonne HEBO-Lift 7 will be used. In both floating cranes is the lifting gear already prepared, so that the yacht can be hooked in quickly.

Here are the lifting slings already positioned below the yacht, that is quite easy with the crane. The yacht "Nassima" is here approx. 5 years old and will be removed out of the water for large maintenance and a new coating.

When the slings are positioned at the right position can both cranes slowly lift the load. The HEBO-Lift 6 is using two 100-tonne hooks which are reefed of the main boom. The HEBO-Lift 7 is using one hook from the main boom and one hook from the jib.

The HEBO-Lift 6 is 41.5 meters long and with side pontoons 20 meters wide. The maximum load can be lifted on a maximum 8 meter radius. On the maximum radius of 20 meters can the crane still lift 74 toones. The HEBO-Lift 7 can lift maximum 300 tonnes over the main boom and 150 tonnes over the jib. This floating crane is approx. 84 meters long and with side pontoons 17.85 meters wide.

The "Nassima" with a mass of approx. 330 tonnes is lifted out of the water. The HEBO-Lift 7 is lifting approx. 150 tonnes, the HEBO-Lift 6 the other 180 tonnes. The mass of the lifting gear isn't included, the HEBO-Lift 6 is here quite on its maximum!

Now both floating cranes will need to drive forwards.

From the ground are the dimensions better vissible. The "Nassima" is 49.18 meters long and 8.82 meters wide.

The SPMT of Mammoet is now driven below the yacht and can be loaded.

Very beautiful lifting work by HEBO! HEBO is nowadays operating nine floating cranes where the 900-tonne HEBO-Lift 9 is the largest.

Within 90 minutes after rigging the "Nassima" is she loaded on the SPMT of Mammoet.

Now the yacht can be driven to the workshop. By the way, this is one of the largest yachts made in Enkhuizen by Acico Yachts.

From the quay is a strong right turn to be made, with such a huge load that is more challenging than expected!

In advance were all light poles moved to the side to make space for the "Nassima".

From the long straight road is now diagonally driven onto a small open space.

From this position should only the front side be rotated, to position the yacht just in front of the work shop.

It just fits!

It nearly looks impossible, but the yacht was made 5 years ago in this hall! The yacht will now be driven as far as possible by SPMT into the work shop. Then the yacht will be loaded on a skidding tracks and then completly moved inwards. This would be done on the next day.

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