Lifting of beams by Bok Seng

Two oversized beams for a new highway viaduct are loaded on trucks and waiting in an industrial area in Singapore to take off. Bok Seng from Singapore is using a sharp Scania R 620 with 6x4-drive line and ballast box with in total twelve Kamag K25 multi axles. Bok Seng is specialized in executing complete projects and is owning a large fleet with cranes, trucks, multi- and SPMT axles.

Behind the Scania is standing the second combination, existing out of a MAN TGS 40.540 with 6x6-drive line and another twelve Kamag K25 multi axles.

The beams weight each around 152 tonnes and have a length of 44 meters.

Oversized transports are in Singapore escorted by the Auxiliary Police, multiple motorbikes 'clean' the road in front of the truck. Behind the transport is driving a van to warn the traffic coming from behind.

At the construction site is the lifting equipment partly prepared. The highway will be closed at 12:30 AM first, to reduce the disturbance for the traffic as much as possible.

On the construction site is the Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1 already erected.

The LTM 1500 is erected with 135 tonnes of counterweight. Bok Seng operates two of these cranes.

It was already 12:30 AM, the road is closed now and the second crane, the Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1, can be erected now. The crane is partly erected on the highway. The crane is lifting here the 23 tonne engine- and winch box.

The LTM 1750 is fitted with 84 tonnes of counterweight, the first beam is driven between the cranes. It is now 01:10 AM.

The first beam is attached now and getting lifted up. The LTM 1750 is working with a 32.7 meter main boom, the LTM 1500 has the boom extended 31.7 meters.

Each crane lifts about 80 tonnes including the rigging.

The LTM 1750 is the largest crane in the fleet of Bok Seng, all telescopic cranes (from 100 to 750 tonnes) are from Liebherr, the crawler cranes (250 and 550 ton) are from Kobelco.

The second beam that is transported by the MAN is ready to be attached. It is now 02:00 AM.

The beam is lifted up by both cranes and then swinged above the destination.

In the meantime is it after 02:30 AM, both beams are installed and the cranes can be dismantled. This should be happen within 2.5 hours because the highway will open again at 05:00 AM, no problem for the professionals of Bok Seng!

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