Compact Truck CT 2 - Gamper Holzbau

Gamper Holzbau from Bellenberg (DE) is owning this interesting Compact Truck CT 2 and is mainlz using the crane for the erection of wood constructions. It is a 40-tonne crane on a 2-axle undercarriage. Compact Truck cranes were produced in Ulm (DE), very close to Bellenberg.

Compact Truck was developing very compact cranes that are driven and operated from one single cabin.

The crane is powered by a MAN D 0836 LF, a 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 206 kW (276 hp), that is installed in the superstructure. The engine powers each individual wheel of the undercarriage hydrostatic. To avoid high temperatures or faster wear of the drive line are most of the cranes transported by truck for longer distances.

Packed is the crane only 6.49 meters long, 2.49 meters wide and 3.17 meters high. The roof of the cabin could me dismantled to reduce the height even more.

The outrigger base measures 5.94 x 5.95 meters, or half 5.94 x 4.13 meters.

A set of pallet forks is hooked into the tow coupling.

The crane has 3.2 tonnes of counterweight with a 3.25 meter tailswing. During the transport over the road is the counterweight stored on top of the front bumper. The hoist has a 29 kN line pull. The second winch is most probably used to telescope the main boom.

The 8-part main boom has a 5.6 meter base length and a maximum length of 30 meters. With fully extended boom is the crane lifting maximum 9.5 tonnes on a 3 meter radius or 1.0 tonnes on a 26 meter radius. The folding jib is 4.4 / 10.3 meters long and under 0, 20 and 40 degrees mountable.

Even when Compact Truck went bankrupt in 2004 are the crane still in daily operation for special jobs because none of the current manufacturers are having any comparable crane in their portfolio.

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